The team behind Connects

Peter Herbert

Peter is a Freelance Production Manager in the arts and entertainment industries and works hard to promote music artists through session studios ( Peter is one the founding members of Connects and is passionate about sharing the positive stories of businesses, charities and organisations within the North Staffordshire area.

Russell Coppock

Russell is a partner in, a business which focuses on promoting companies through engaging video. He also works in the events industry, offering support to conferences, theatre and festivals with services such as Russell is also one of the founding members of Connects and enjoys the informal networking environment – and of course the excellent buffet!

Vicky Jackson

Vicky is the director of Tuk Tuk Creative Marketing, an agency which helps businesses develop their marketing while taking their brand on an inspiring journey. Vicky is a great supporter of Connects and has been attending meetings for well over a year.  She supports the event through graphic design and brings a very creative approach to the networking arena.

Chris Hewetson

Chris is the ‘split personality’ of the Connects team, working by day as a PR specialist and copyrighter and by night as a entertainer/magician under the pen name Chris Stokes.  Chris enjoys Connects meetings for their relaxed and informal format and sees them as an ideal opportunity to meet other like-minded businesses in the wonderful New Vic Theatre. He particularly enjoys the fantastic buffet!

Vanessa Fuller

Vanessa is a director of Premier Tax Solutions. Vanessa understands things from both the perspective of the business owner and as a professional taxation specialist who can advise you along the way. Vanessa is a great supporter of the meetings.  She enjoys the meetings for the informal setting and the ability to meet new businesses whilst hearing some great guest speakers.

Roy Johnson

Roy is a trainer for Sandler Training and has vast industry experience. Roy supports companies with sales training that suits their business and has a lasting effect. He is passionate about supporting local organisations who want to improve the area and through the guest speakers and the business support Connects offers we are delighted to have Roy on the Connects team.

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